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Akira Sasunuma at Otakon 2011

For anybody perhaps interested, seiyuu Akira Sasunuma will be attending the USA anime convention, Otakon (Baltimore, MD). Sasunuma-san voiced the Tokyo Majin Gakuen character Liu Xian-yue in the game and drama CDs.

I was hoping to attend this year, but circumstances have changed, so it's seeming like a no-go. (>__<)
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Tokyo Requiem

Wow! *_* I've been greatly intrigued by the drama CD set Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpucho: Gaiden Chinkonka Tokyo Requiem ever since I saw the albums up for auction on Yahoo Japan some time ago. Judging by the characters on the covers, I assumed it was about Tatsuma Hiyuu, Sayo Hirasaka and her brother, Eiji Shirou (videogame only character). Doesn't it look rather Rosenkreuz-like?

However, I just learned that it is actually a spin-off story for Kureha Mibu, and based on the manga adaption Youto Chinkonka Tokyo Requiem by Ayumi Kasai. How weird is that?! And in the dramas, he's apparently voiced by popular seiyuu Akira Ishida which is even more interesting. :D

Anybody know anything about this title? What's the story about? Any other TM characters make an appearance?

Cross-posted at the MyAnimeList.net club since this group is DEAD.
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Sharing my Tendou fancel

Hello to all! Because zizzo_no_ai shared some production sketch images with the community, I thought maybe the group might like to see the fancel I made for myself of Tendou. A fancel is merely a piece of fanart, but using the same media as arthouses do to make animation cels (acrylic on clear acetate).

In case you guys were interested, I'll also break down how I did the fan-made cel, with images. Madoka Japan is a seller of Rilezu cels, which are post-production cels painted by the official studios (everything today is painted and animated through computers, so there are no longer any pre- or actual production cels; the traditional artwork stops now at the final sketch). You can see how the professionals make their cels here.

Collapse )

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I'm keeping this piece in my personal collection, so please do not take the images. Otherwise, thank you and enjoy! (^_^)
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Tokyo Mono Hara Shi: Karasu no Mori Gakuen Kitan

I just saw this on the anime's page at Wikipedia:
"PSP Game Spinoff: A role-playing game based on the series, entitled Tokyo Mono Hara Shi, is currently planned to be released on Sony PSP in Japan on April 22, 2010. The game is being developed by Atlus and has drawn comparisons to the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series."

The official website can be found here. You can also try YouTube for the promotional trailer. It may be considered part of the Tokyo Majin franchise, but I don't see much of the anime in it?

I'm not a gamer, but I'll be interested in hearing more about it.
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[Fan Fiction] Back to My Soul

For those interested, I just posted a new fanfic:

Title: Back to My Soul
Rating: Teen
Genre: Drama/Friendship
Status: Completed (one-shot)
Warnings: Mild violence and language (single strong word)
Synopsis: Marie Claire never liked Tendou Kodzunu, and a face-off was bound to happen. But sometimes a battle can bring about a strange understanding.

I wanted to explore a bit of Tendou's relationship with psycho-lolli Marie Claire, and the story is told from her perspective. They never seemed to like each other, yet in the first episode she fights diligently alongside him; in the second season, Marie Claire even appears to miss him. It's understandable. Despite the fact they back-talk like disrespectful brother and sister, he is her only "friend" (while she probably views Yagyuu like their father-figure). Also, I wanted to have them face-off. In the anime, they only push each others' buttons just enough to provoke irritation, no doubt because Tendou knows he couldn't beat Marie Claire.

Anyhow. Not too many folks read (or write) fanfiction for this title anymore, but those that do check it out, please enjoy. Thanks! :)
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Rapidshare: Download
MediaFire: Download
Includes 72 .jpg image files
Requires WinRar or Winzip to open
Very minor spoilers for Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou Tou Dai Ni Maku episode 8

After realising how many of these I'd actually managed to collect from Yahoo Auctions Japan, I figured it'd be worth uploading the collection for anyone else who wanted them for drawing or cosplay references or whatever :> Feel free to comment or message me if you need me to re-upload the file somewhere else or the RapidShare link runs out ♥
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[Fan Fiction] Demonology

Hello there! I'm fairly new to the community, and this is my first time actually posting. In recent weeks I've become rather obsessed with Tendou Kodzunu, and since I've also started getting back into fan fiction, I decided to practice with a character one-shot on his childhood. I'm pretty rusty at story writing, so any critiques would be much appreciated!

Title: Demonology
Rating: Teen
Genre: Drama/Angst
Status: Completed (one-shot)
Warnings: None, really. Some spoilers if you haven't seen the whole of season one. There's no pairing, and only clean language. Rated for overall dark nature of the series.
Synopsis: Demonology is a theological study relating to superhuman beings who are not gods. But in the mundane world, young Manabu wonders what his mother and he ever did to be called "demons".

Please enjoy! Anyhow, it's nice to meet other Tokyo Majin fans, and am grateful that there's a community for such an awesome anime. Happy holidays!

Tokyo Majin Cosplay fans!!!

Hey everyone!!!

I'm looking for people in sydney who adore this Anime series and want to Cosplay it!!

Im working on some of the costumes atm but the project wont be up and running till around December but no point in not getting a good head start :D

Honestly this series doesn't get enough attention its awesome gruesome and just damn right cool!!!

So keep watching for up dates on my progress and go fight Zombies!!!

Love you all!!


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