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15 January 2010 @ 05:44 pm
[Fan Fiction] Back to My Soul  
For those interested, I just posted a new fanfic:

Title: Back to My Soul
Rating: Teen
Genre: Drama/Friendship
Status: Completed (one-shot)
Warnings: Mild violence and language (single strong word)
Synopsis: Marie Claire never liked Tendou Kodzunu, and a face-off was bound to happen. But sometimes a battle can bring about a strange understanding.

I wanted to explore a bit of Tendou's relationship with psycho-lolli Marie Claire, and the story is told from her perspective. They never seemed to like each other, yet in the first episode she fights diligently alongside him; in the second season, Marie Claire even appears to miss him. It's understandable. Despite the fact they back-talk like disrespectful brother and sister, he is her only "friend" (while she probably views Yagyuu like their father-figure). Also, I wanted to have them face-off. In the anime, they only push each others' buttons just enough to provoke irritation, no doubt because Tendou knows he couldn't beat Marie Claire.

Anyhow. Not too many folks read (or write) fanfiction for this title anymore, but those that do check it out, please enjoy. Thanks! :)
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