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11 May 2010 @ 04:01 pm
Sharing my Tendou fancel  
Hello to all! Because zizzo_no_ai shared some production sketch images with the community, I thought maybe the group might like to see the fancel I made for myself of Tendou. A fancel is merely a piece of fanart, but using the same media as arthouses do to make animation cels (acrylic on clear acetate).

In case you guys were interested, I'll also break down how I did the fan-made cel, with images. Madoka Japan is a seller of Rilezu cels, which are post-production cels painted by the official studios (everything today is painted and animated through computers, so there are no longer any pre- or actual production cels; the traditional artwork stops now at the final sketch). You can see how the professionals make their cels here.

Step 1: Screen capture

I don't work from a sketch. I use the source directly: a screen capture. This is the picture I chose to paint, of course because it has sentimental value for me as a Tendou fangirl. The actual painting is applied on the reverse of a cel, so obviously I had to work on a mirror image; the screen shot was flipped in Photoshop.

Step 2: Inking the Lines

So here are the lines fully inked. I use archival quality ink for the oulines, and really, this is the only difference between fan-made and studio cels. In the studio, they take the final sketch and xerox the lines onto the sheet of acetate with carbon (which is why production cels fade fast if left exposed to sunlight).

On purpose, I didn't ink all the lines on his hand, so the focus would be on his face. His hand is blurred in the foreground as he's reaching out, and an airbrush would be the best way to "fade" it; I used color to elaborate the bends and wrinkles since I don't own one. This is a digital photograph of the cel still attached to my lightbox.

Step 3: Painting

These are images of the cel as I was painting it. The first picture is a digital photograph from the back, as you can see from the way it looks (paint globs over lines); it is the side I did the work on. As I was painting and comparing colors, I also found I goofed on the lines of his neck, so that changed since the first photo. (o_o) The second picture is a brighter scan of the cel, front view (or right-side up); from this you can get an idea of how the cel will look completed.

Step 4: Finished, with background

Finished! The fancel is fully painted, and I even painted a background to try and complete the look. I admit, I suck at backgrounds, so I typically only do washes (watercolor and acrylic on cardstock). This is a scan, and unfortunately light reflected off the clear acetate and caused some weird glare.

Added some flare! I took the scan of the finished fancel into Photoshop and rendered some special effects lighting, to give it the dark atmosphere of the anime, and the aura-glow around his reaching hand.

I'm keeping this piece in my personal collection, so please do not take the images. Otherwise, thank you and enjoy! (^_^)